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Have a question on when or where you can pay rent? Wondering when you will receive your security deposit refund? Want to know what to do when you need a repair?  The tenants corner was created to answer commonly asked questions and to provide tenants with a quick reference guide to their tenancy.
Can I drop off my rent?
Yes. Below is our rent drop off location with hours of operation Monday to Saturday.  Remember: Closed on Sundays. 
Rent may be delivered to the following address during the listed hours.  Please remember to put your rent in an envelope addressed to
Blue Oaks Properties.
1079 Sunrise Ave. #B-342, Roseville, CA 95661
Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM  / Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM  / Sun: Closed
If I mail my rent when must it be postmarked to avoid a late charge?
The 4th of the month if your due date grace period ends on the 5th. 
The 2nd of the month if your due date grace period ends on the 3rd.
All rent mailed prior to the last day of the grace period will be deemed paid on time. 
If I need a repair, why must I submit it in writing?
When you have a maintenance repair that is deemed a non-emergency, you are required by the Lease Agreement to submit the repair request in writing.  You may use the contact section of the website, print a form, fax, email or mail.  Why?  In order to efficiently document your tenancy it is best to keep it in writing.
What is considered an emergency repair that I can call in?
An emergency repair would be any of the following:
Water leaks of any kind.  If your roof is leaking or your faucet is leaking under a cabinet we need to know about it quickly to avoid further damage to the property.
No heat is deemed an emergency in the State of California and we want to know immediately if you have lost use of the HVAC system and have no heat. 
Live electrical or power loss to the property   What does live electrical mean?  For example, when you flip on a light switch and you see sparks or you plug a cord in to a plug and you see sparks.  If wiring has come undone or become exposed for ANY reason we need to know about it.
I moved out of the property and haven't received my security deposit refund?  When can I expect to receive it?
Your refund disbursal and accounting will be mailed no later than 21 Days from the day you moved out.  California rental laws allow the property owner and / or property owner's agent 21 days to restore the property to it's original condition prior to your renting the property.  If you leave the property READY TO GO for the next occupant you can expect to receive your deposit much sooner than 21 days.  If there are repairs or cleaning necessary these deductions will be charged against your security deposit and you will be provided with an itemized list of such deductions, copies of invoices and bills for such deductions and any remaining security deposit balance due to you.
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